Want something to come with your order? Or want it as a cover up gift?? Try a snack or maybe two…With this new feature you can add a snack to your order from a variety of products such as Sour patches, Wareheard lollies, Takis chips and more!! This feature also lets you make the Excuse that your order is a snack!!

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Sour patch kids (watermelon)

Jelly belly (10 flavour original)

Hershey’s (cookies n crème)

Warheads Cubes

Takis chips (Blue head & Fuego)


Takis Chips (Blue Heat), Takis Chips (Fuego), Hershey’s Cookies n Crème, WarHeads Cubes, Jelly Belly (original), Sour patch kids (watermelon)


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